Peacock Inspiration - Interior Home Decor A timeless trend

Peacock inspired home decor is popping up all over with luxurious colors and beautiful designs. From bedding , cushion covers, wall decals to beautiful accent pieces.

Be inspired by luxurious emeralds, rich teals and velvety blacks, all the colors found in peacock feathers. Use it on a few throw pillows, as an iridescent duvet cover or jewel toned accessory help update the look of your room.

 Peacock insprired decorative throw pillows from Comfy

You can even add glamor to your table decor with peacock inspired dinnerware.

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bedding & Pillow
cushion covers
chair and table decor :
wall decal :
Peacock plate:
peacock fireplace via
Matthew Williamson’s Peacock Dark rug for the Rug Company via

Dawanda Find - Whitney Smith Pottery

Just found these beautiful pottery items from Whitney Smith Pottery on Dawanda. Based in California, she has been throwing clay on the wheel since 1994.

"My design sense is primarily informed by my obsession with flowers and other forms found in nature. I have painted and drawn since I was a small child, and many of my designs are influenced by other painters and 2-D artists. I am also strongly influenced by Art Nouveau and the Arts and Crafts movement of the 19th early 20th Century. I like the look and feel of old things and antiques, and my glaze choices have a certain look that reminds people of an different era."

I found it difficult to pick three items I like best . But here they are...

Poppy Bowl - 98.99 Euro

poppy bowl whitney smith pottery

Eight Nesting Lotus Bowls- 222.00 Euro

lotus bowl whitney smith pottery

Pomegranate Vase- 37.00 Euro

pomegranate vase whitney smith pottery

Comfy Heaven Letter/Alphabet Pillows

Personalise you bedroom, livingroom or childrens rooms with our Alphabet/Letter Pillows. You can customize these pillows in any letter of the alphabet. We allso offer color and size costomization. Spell out your name or just the initials. These cushions also make great gifts. The body of all our letter / Alphabet cushions are made from high end Hand loom fabrics woven in Sri Lanka. ( Our Hand loom is 100% cotton woven on the loom by Sri Lankan artisans  ).Price starts at $22.99 for a 18 inch cushion covers. Buy 2 and get 20% discount on your full order plus free shipping on the second cushion.
letter pillow , letter cushion, custom made Z pillow
letter pillow , letter cushion, custom made F pillow
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