Comfy Heaven Letter/Alphabet Pillows

Personalise you bedroom, livingroom or childrens rooms with our Alphabet/Letter Pillows. You can customize these pillows in any letter of the alphabet. We allso offer color and size costomization. Spell out your name or just the initials. These cushions also make great gifts. The body of all our letter / Alphabet cushions are made from high end Hand loom fabrics woven in Sri Lanka. ( Our Hand loom is 100% cotton woven on the loom by Sri Lankan artisans  ).Price starts at $22.99 for a 18 inch cushion covers. Buy 2 and get 20% discount on your full order plus free shipping on the second cushion.
letter pillow , letter cushion, custom made Z pillow
letter pillow , letter cushion, custom made F pillow
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Becca@Furniture Melbourne said...

All of these lovely little pillows make my heart go pitter patter... you can even put your initials name on it, and also you can arrange name using those pillows letter. Great job!