Small Spaces - 40m² apartment inspiration

Are you struggling with inspiration to decorate your small apartment? This beautiful apartment  is only  40m² and decorated just the way I love: white with pops of color. The owners creative style is reflected beautifully in this stylish apartment. The fact that it is small has in no way hindered  expression of  creativity and personality. I also love the ingenuity reflected in the practical and excellent use of space.

In the Living room , the IKEA sofa is enhanced by the use of floral and solid throw pillows in eye catching colors.  Different shapes and textures have also been  added in the form of the round coffee table , the Fiber pouf, IKEA Camana Rug in chartreuse and the beautiful hot pink and green Designers Guild floor pillow.  The touches of  flowers and plants also adds color and freshness to the room, making the whole design of the living room elegant and timeless.

Multifunctional furniture - counter tops flown that become dining bars, extendable tables ... nothing is left to chance when it comes to maximize space. It all fits.

Space has even been allocated for small mini office.

Simplicity and design go hand in hand in this environment. Straight lines, pure white and every single bit of space is used. The kitchen worktop extends onto a table that turns into a dining area. 

 The vibrant combination of colors in fabrics adds warmth to the bedroom. In the header, a horizontal picture adds a vein of color onto the white wall.

The set of mirrors gives depth to this bathroom and doubles the space. The neutral color scheme again take precedence. The sink rests on a chest of drawers and a counter top that extends forward, they have used this space to hang towels.

Here is the Floor plan to give you a better idea of how all the rooms fit together.
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So do you think you have enough ideas to steal for your own small space? I'd love to know how this apartment inspired you.

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CEO Lisa Anne - L.A said...

I love the use of space and the pops of bright colors. Beautiful post!