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3 Beautiful Material Trends for 2019

There are always certain materials we use in our homes to create atmosphere and style . We use wood and textiles to create warmth, we use granite and marble to exude luxury . Recently I have been see three materials in the decor world that used on their own or mixed together creatively create some truly perfect and unique looks and seem to move away from the traditional while still being somewhat traditional. By somewhat traditional I mean that they are material that have been around for a long time but are being used in new and wonderful ways. They are velvet, brass and grass. Here are some ideas to get you going. 

1.     Luxurious Velvet 

Velvet is luxurious and comfortable. It is the perfect fabric when you want to create an atmosphere of decadence at luxury. You can use it as upholstery, cushions and in beautiful rich colors that is perfect if you love luxury and also perfect for the boho chic home. It is a bit of a difficult fabric to use…too much makes your home look like the set of a soap opera and choosing the wrong color can just ruin your home décor. But use correctly velvet can add a very elegant look to your home décor.

Image credit: LK Griffin Photography

Add shine to your home brass. Brass fits well with all kinds of decor styles. It has a warm hue,  it can give a vintage retro look and also be modern. Brass looks beautiful combined with the colors that are current in furniture and in decor, from petrol and dark blues to kale and forest green, it also goes well with popular materials such as marble and terrazzo.
Brass is an ideal material to add the finishing touch to almost any interior. So whether your interior is Scandinavian, modern or boho feel free to add brass.  

Image via digsanddigs.com
Image via The Merry Thought Shop

Image via The Merry Thought Shop
Image via Sanctum Handmade
3.Chic Glass

You don’t need to wear rose tinted glasses to see the world in color. Glass can be used to add subtle accents or the complete opposite…eye catching bright bold accents.
The everlasting beauty of glass is that it doesn’t go out of style. If you have vintage bottles hidden away, now is the time to use dust them off and add you’re your shelves. What I especially like is the new and innovative ways people are using glass as decorative accents pieces in their home.

Image via  Fashionstorm
Image via 99 Buddhas Pixie Greens
What I like about all three of the materials above is that they can be combined easily and effortlessly to create an elegant and unique look. One of the best ways to do this is to add one element as a focal point and build around it. So if you add a velvet sofa, use brass and glass as accents. You can add and remove as you please creating a home with personality and personal touch. 

Two Piece Wedding Dress - Boho, Whimsical and Elegant

If you are looking to break tradition and go for something different, a two piece wedding dress might be the perfect choice for you.  However when people think of  a two piece wedding dress they automatically think of a exposed tummy and a tight crop top , but bridal seperates can still look classic, elegant and modern.  Elegant, whimsical and boho, ,whatever your bridal style these little tips will help  put together your own two piece wedding dresses that are not just crop tops.  

1.Mix and Match

When choosing your two piece wedding dress, don't be scared to mix and match. You'll be surpised at how different textures and fabrics flow together. This lovely Boho lace top and chiffon skirt is from MotilBespoke bridal. This ivory color lace top is a combination of fine lace, cool fringe, and shiny beads. It is very flattering, feminine and a definite eye catcher. The lace top has a unique open back and lace sleeves, it is light, airy and is perfect for a beach wedding or an outdoor occasion.

Motilbespoke Bridal
This ivory lace crop top and silk chiffon skirt ensemble from ElaSiromascenko is another lovely example of this. 

2. Striking Element

Pick seperates with striking elements. For those who are shorter and more petite in stature going for a top that stands out is perfect. This top from White Meadow Bridal has a fully lined stretch silk bodice and a kimono sleeve hand stitched all over with countless pearls, this stunning top is so much fun to wear on the day and long after your wedding day.


3. Sleek and Elegant

 A sleek skirt or a top can still have a classic timeless look. Love this one from MilaBridal. The clean lines of the skirt make it stunning. 

4. Longer Sleeves 

Longer sleeves and long sleeves are not just trendy at the moment but super elegant too. Take a look at this Bridal top with 3/4 sleeves from YaBaasitu.


5. Shorter Skirt

Perfect for beach wedding and outdoor weddings. Shorter skirts add a contemprory touch, they are comfortable and perfect for the modern bride. This Lace top and high waist skirt are from the french store FaithCauvain and can be found on  Etsy. 


This ensemble from MaudiKa Bridal is really perfect for a countryside wedding, or a beach wedding, the crop top is made of a lining of cotton, with a layer of broderie anglaise and small beads hand stitched all over. I love this unique touch, the original tea-length skirt, is provided with a short train. The lining is made of two different floral fabrics, with a blue background.

MaudiKa Bridal
MaudiKa Bridal

6. Traditional Lace

Traditional with a touch of modern, lace on lace bridal seperates that look seemless when put together but are actually two pieces. This chantilly lace long sleeve top and skirt from Iselle Bridal Studio is perfect for the Boho Bride.

Iselle Bridal Studio

7. Two pieces that are seamless

Two pieces don't need to be a top and a bottom it can even mean two pieces layered to gether. This beautiful Chiffon-Lycra wedding dress by Blush Fashion comes with a lining separate. A magnificent classic dress, with feminine modern cut. It has a long slit, from waist down, that create a very feminine and sophisticated figure and a wide fabric sash to tie around the waist.It is perfect and very flattering for Plus size women. 

Blush Fashion

 8. Vintage and Wonderful

Go for a totally unique look with this gorgeous ball gown style 2 piece wedding dress with a blouse top and satin ball gown skirt with lace hemline from ieie Bridal, it is perfect for the vintage bride. 


One of the greatest challenges you face daily in your home is probably storage. "Where do all these go?, Where can I keep this ? How can I make this attractive yet pracical? We all have these thoughts running in our minds when ever we think of redecorating or rearranging things in our homes. Storange is a necessity and there a unlimited options that help you with storage issues in your home. So do you just run off and buy some boxes? Storage can be stylish too. Here are some simple insider tips that can help you when choosing storage solutions for your home that can actually bring together your home decor and create a stylish environment that your family and guests will love. 
1. Add Texture.  Different materials can be added together such as wood, natural jute, meta and glass to create layers and texture.
2.  Don't be afraid of Patterns. If you want to be a bit causcious pick something in a neutral shade that fits in with any scheme and keeps the look subtle and warm. Or your can do add touches of colorful patterns that really pop. Start small adding one of two pieces and build on it.
3. Make a Statement. One really stand out piece can transform a room completely and gives you a basis to work from. 
4. For The Love of Art. Absolutely anything can be a work of art. Even your storange solutions. A bit od creativity can transform areas in your homes that might otherwise be boring to striking little nooks. 

Jewelry Trends - Unique Hoop earrings

Every girl should have a pair of hoop earrings. These are a classic, elegant earring style that comes in a variety of designs and seems to suit every face shape. This year a bit of 90s revival sees the comeback hoop earrings in all sizes and textures. From large ones to make a statement to small ones for everyday elegance.

I love these extra large hoop earrings from HL collection.  They are simple and classic but big enough to make a statement. 
If traditional hoops are not for you these gold triangle hoops from TiffanyAnneStudios are perfect if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Triangle hoop earrings
These textured hoop earrings from Yifat Bareket are a bit pricey but do they make a statement. Made from flattened gold filled material folded on both sides.

Textured hoop earrings

These hammered hoop earrings from GoldstonesJewellery are made is copper. I especially like the slight oval shape and thickness at the bottom. Copper gives that rose gold touch that is so popular.

Rose gold hammered hoop earrings
The geometric and minimal hoop earrings from LaGeometrieJewels are made in solid brass and gold plated (0'5 microns) in 18K gold. Each earring is carefully cut and polished by hand in a little atelier in Paris. Light weight, simple yet elegant, this unique piece is sure to be conversation starter.

Geometric hoop earrings
These Signa Hoops by APSE adorn are in a unique minimal design.  They make enough of a statement to catch the eyes, but are simple enough to wear everyday. Hand made from brass, these circular earrings are given the the perfect geometric element of interest.

Minimal gold hoop earrings

Celebrity Homes - Jennifer Anniston's Midcentury Modern L.A Home

“If I wasn’t an actress, I’d want to be a designer. I love the process. There’s something about picking out fabrics and finishes that feeds my soul.”
I love Jennifer Anniston as an actress but a recent article in  Architectural Digest where she show cases the home she shares with her husband Justin Theroux and their three dogs also tells me she has a fastastic eye as a designer.
The L.A house is surrounded by lush plants and fantastic pool but it is the interior details that caught my eye. 
I love the pictures of the couple on the vintage rosewood credenza in the family room.  The living room midcentury modern littered with elegant and classics pieces. The master bedroomsIn the master bedroom has walnut bed with suede headboard and Dolly, one of the couple’s three dogs, lounges on the platform’s pashmina shag carpet.
The bath has a marble tub that is absolutely breathtaking with an amazing view. While my personal tastes are more minimalist I love homes that really speak the personality of its owners and I feel this one such home. 
“I look around at my husband and my dogs and our home, and there’s nowhere else I want to be.”
 Jennifer Anniston
Image via AD
Image via AD

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Image via AD

Image via AD

The Printable Cøncept - Art shop gone rogue

You have spent countless hours and a infinite no trips to furniture shops to decorate your home. The mission is finally successful: your home fits with your lifestyle. But when you sit on the bench ...your eye falls on the empty white wall. What do you do with that? 

An easy and economical way to decorate your walls are with printable wall art.  Typographical and graphical art prints are just 'oh so trendy' and I love the non fussy clean look they create.

 The Printable Concept is modern art shop offering a very unique line of Scandinavian art prints and printable wall, as well as a curated collection of photography from emerging and established photographers from all around the globe. They are literally 'art shop gone rogue' and make simple and elegant works of art accessible to everyone. 

And using printable wall art is an easy, low cost way  to decorate, the curation is already done for you at the The Printable Concept and all you have do is use a bit of creativity and put these different images  together to suit your taste. You are free to vary size, color and pattern and even combine the prints other personal items such as a tile or photo frame to create your own unique look on your wall. 

You can combine prints and illustrations to create a gallery wall ...or just add one or two typographical art prints. If you love fashion... a collection of fashion posters on your walls might be just what you need to inspire you.

With printable wall art the options are endless... Here are a few images to inspire you. 

Small Space Living - Smart Use of Space

Talk about a design gem! This one room Scandinavian apartment is small yet the use of space is functional and attractive. White walls and wooden flooring contribute to a bright living space. The bed room is separated from the living room with a small half wall.The fully equipped kitchen, which connects to a large balcony. 
Found on the website of Swedish real estate broker/designer Alvhem, the 441-square-foot crib is located in Linnéstaden, one of Gothenburg’s most vibrant neighborhoods.

All images via  alvhemmakleri.se

Caught on the Street - Street Style

Loving these 6 looks that really speak of summer style...keep cool, comfortable and stylish!

Images via: styleograph.com