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20 Linen Outfits for the Minimalist

I love minimalist outfits. What does this mean to me?  When choosing a dress our a top, I am a fan of clean, structured looks that require little to no fuss at all. My style motto is usually "less is more", as a mom I prefer the this approach especially when choosing an outfit in the morning rush. A simple dress, my little hoop earrings or a delicate gold necklace is usually what I prefer to a bold printed blouse and an extravagant necklace or anything I have to mix and match or ponder on for more than a minute. ( But this is just the minimalist me in the mornings).
When it comes to fabric I love cotton an linen and tend to lean towards dresses and tops that have some small detail that makes them stand out. I find the weave and texture of linen outfits interesting and fabric itself  cooling in this hot tropical island of mine. 
So I constantly lookout for clothes with these detailing, when I find something I like I tend to wear it over and over again. Don't you love clothes like that , that become favorites and almost a part of who you are. So I scoured Etsy to see their choice in linen and wow what a collection I found. 
Here are 20 linen outfit perfect in spring and summer for minimalist in you. 
Washed linen dress from LouEmbrace
Kimono wrap dress from Love and Confuse
Organic hemp fit and flare dress from Simones Rose Boutique

Coral linen dress from Noisy Forest

Linen Dress with ties from  Magic Linen

Striped Linen Dress by  Off On

Wrap Linen Dress by Nich  Dress
Layla Romper from Lee Michelle  Fashion
V neck linen dress with side slits from Flax Linen Shop
Linen pants from Osonian Clothing

Washed Linen Trousers from Linen Cloud

A- Line Linen Midi skirt from Linen Handmade Studio
Loose linen shirt from Linen Bees

Linen Jumpsuit from Esenique
White linen oversized tunic top from Linennaive
Kimono style drop shoulder linen top from Epic Linen
Orange Linen  Maxi Skirt by Xiaolizi
Elise linen play suit by ljcdesignss
Striped Linen dress from Pavietra
Beige linen pants from Saiko Eco Store

StyleKorean Face Mask Haul

Something I  love to do on a weekends is put on a face mask and watch my current favorite K drama. Yes! I have recently become hooked on K dramas, K food and I am currently trying out K beauty. And if you don't know - that K stands for, it's all things Korean. 
To be honest I am not interested in 'glass skin' or having skin that looks like a Instagram filter. I would rather use the filter. What I would like to do is bring the best out of my skin.
I live in Sri Lanka so when I came across a site called stylekorean.com it was like a k beauty produt wonderland for me. The first thing I looked up was shipping and they ship all globally so I decided to order 4 masks ( to use one a week, that would last me a month).
I really liked the fact that the site was geared for international customers and all the information was in English. I chose masks that helped me minimize my pores and brighten my skin. I have dark South Asian combination skin. 
I would like to do more detailed reviews of each mask but here is what I got:
1. [THE FACE SHOP] The Solution Pore Care Face Mask - US$2.20
This is a sheet mask that has a brightening, hydrating, moisturizing, and radiance focus.
2.[So natural] Design Deep Black Clay Mask -US$4 at 50% off
This mask was helps exfoliate dead skin cells and clean pores. 
3. [Mediheal] H.D.P Pore Stamping Charcoal Mineral Mask  - US$3.30
This is a pore tightening and sebum control mask , which I hope will be perfect for my combination skin. 
4. [Innisfree] Second Skin Mask Sheet Brightening 20g -US$5.99
This is probably the most expensive of the masks I got and the one with the best reviews. 
With these masks I got some free sachets of products to try which was fun though they were small. Who doesn't like free stuff. 
So here in summary here are the pros and cons of shopping online at Style Korean.
Value for Money: Good ( got all this for US$22 with shipping)
Shipping Cost: Great - US$7.50 ro my home by post
Ships to: Globally and to Sri Lanka 
Shipping Time: Excellent - got products within 10 days
Some of the masks do not have English translations, so you have to keep referring the site for instructions. 

Romantic and Feminine French Styled Wedding Shoot

If you are a bride who loves french style and understated elegance this styled shoot is the perfect way for you to get some inspiration for your own wedding.Romantic and dreamy, this magical bridal shoot was brought to life by the team at BWedding World along with a network of bridal industry specialists.
It features a  vibrant palette of blush pinks, pure white and rich greenery. The result was a romantic French-European inspired setting. I love the little details on this shoot, the bride having breakfast in bed, 
receiving flowers and a love note...it showcases a beautiful romantic love between two people. 

The shoot itself was styled and captured by a husband and wife team – SephoryPhotography,  Desa, one half of Sephory Photography explains: “The idea just came from our expression of love for one another. We are two big love birds so we wanted to tell a beautiful story through our own lens. Romance is something, that we feel, is missing in today’s world, so we wanted to reflect the importance of the small gestures and details that keeps us protected from today’s craziness.” 

The pale peach walls, antique gold detailing, rusted baby blue tones, rich textures of timber and cobblestone and stunning panoramic view of the open winery, were the perfect backdrop in helping to tell this love story. Have a look below and be ready to be blown away… 

The theme is Romance Isn't Dead - a perfect reminder for couples that everlasting love is about the small, kind gestures and honoring each other.
Vendor List:
Wedding Invitations: @invitationbweddings www.bweddinginvitations.com/
Photography & Concept: @sephoryphotography sephoryphotography.com.au/
Hair & Make up: @suzyselamakeup www.suzysela.com/ 
Menu & Place Cards: @adorninvitations www.adorninvitations.co.uk/
Stationery Design: Catsy Creative www.catsycreative.com.au 
Printing: Inktank Printing www.inktankprinting.com 
Flowers: @chloelashay_florist www.chloelashay.com/
Dresses: @raffaeleciucabridal www.raffaeleciuca.com.au/ and by @heleneconstancebride | @berta
Cakes: @maryeatscake www.maryeatscake.com.au
Jewellery: @loveonjewellery www.loveonjewellery.com.au/
Model: @oliviaa.williams from @giant_mgmt
Venue: @montdusoleil 

3 Beautiful Material Trends for 2019

There are always certain materials we use in our homes to create atmosphere and style . We use wood and textiles to create warmth, we use granite and marble to exude luxury . Recently I have been see three materials in the decor world that used on their own or mixed together creatively create some truly perfect and unique looks and seem to move away from the traditional while still being somewhat traditional. By somewhat traditional I mean that they are material that have been around for a long time but are being used in new and wonderful ways. They are velvet, brass and grass. Here are some ideas to get you going. 

1.     Luxurious Velvet 

Velvet is luxurious and comfortable. It is the perfect fabric when you want to create an atmosphere of decadence at luxury. You can use it as upholstery, cushions and in beautiful rich colors that is perfect if you love luxury and also perfect for the boho chic home. It is a bit of a difficult fabric to use…too much makes your home look like the set of a soap opera and choosing the wrong color can just ruin your home décor. But use correctly velvet can add a very elegant look to your home décor.

Image credit: LK Griffin Photography

Add shine to your home brass. Brass fits well with all kinds of decor styles. It has a warm hue,  it can give a vintage retro look and also be modern. Brass looks beautiful combined with the colors that are current in furniture and in decor, from petrol and dark blues to kale and forest green, it also goes well with popular materials such as marble and terrazzo.
Brass is an ideal material to add the finishing touch to almost any interior. So whether your interior is Scandinavian, modern or boho feel free to add brass.  

Image via digsanddigs.com
Image via The Merry Thought Shop

Image via The Merry Thought Shop
Image via Sanctum Handmade
3.Chic Glass

You don’t need to wear rose tinted glasses to see the world in color. Glass can be used to add subtle accents or the complete opposite…eye catching bright bold accents.
The everlasting beauty of glass is that it doesn’t go out of style. If you have vintage bottles hidden away, now is the time to use dust them off and add you’re your shelves. What I especially like is the new and innovative ways people are using glass as decorative accents pieces in their home.

Image via  Fashionstorm
Image via 99 Buddhas Pixie Greens
What I like about all three of the materials above is that they can be combined easily and effortlessly to create an elegant and unique look. One of the best ways to do this is to add one element as a focal point and build around it. So if you add a velvet sofa, use brass and glass as accents. You can add and remove as you please creating a home with personality and personal touch.