10 Tips if you are in your 40s and want to start a skin care regime

When I was 20 something I never worried about my skin. I was dark-skinned. In Asia -Sri Lanka
 ( where I am from, fair skin is considered more beautiful). So I did try the 'lime and yogurt' mask etc. My dark skin might have bothered other people but it didn't bother me too much. If I remember correctly in my teen and early twenties, I loved DIY skincare, and to prevent acne and pimples I just used the Neutrogena Transparent Soap Bar. 

In my late 20s, I got on a small skincare regimen. It was the Clinique Liquid Soap and Scrub for combination skin. 

However after my first pregnancy and going into my late thirties. My skin started to have more pigmentation and loose texture. I also started to get adult acne. This worried me, it meant I needed to wear makeup to cover up scars and being a mother, I really didn't have time to do this on a daily basis. That's when I started reading up on skincare. If I were to put it in a fancy way...started my skincare journey. I realized that skincare had really moved far beyond "fair and lovely creams" and "my mother used Clinique and my grandmother used Clinique, so I will use Clinique" to safer, more effective products that give quicker. So my skincare goal is to wear less makeup as possible and do as little as possible. 

So here is some quick tip from my to help you start your skincare journey if you are in your 40s. 

1. Start looking after your skin early 

2. If you do nothing else - CLEANSE

3. Remove your makeup before you go to sleep

4. Good skin may be good genetics but environmental factors play a big part

5. What you eat also plays a big part

6. Use SPF, it transformed my skin

7. Exfoliate, it reduced my pores

8. Have a 3 step skincare routine 

9. Keep your self hydrated, drink water!!!

10. Whatever you do, do it consistently 

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