3 Beautiful Material Trends for 2019

There are always certain materials we use in our homes to create atmosphere and style . We use wood and textiles to create warmth, we use granite and marble to exude luxury . Recently I have been see three materials in the decor world that used on their own or mixed together creatively create some truly perfect and unique looks and seem to move away from the traditional while still being somewhat traditional. By somewhat traditional I mean that they are material that have been around for a long time but are being used in new and wonderful ways. They are velvet, brass and grass. Here are some ideas to get you going. 

1.     Luxurious Velvet 

Velvet is luxurious and comfortable. It is the perfect fabric when you want to create an atmosphere of decadence at luxury. You can use it as upholstery, cushions and in beautiful rich colors that is perfect if you love luxury and also perfect for the boho chic home. It is a bit of a difficult fabric to use…too much makes your home look like the set of a soap opera and choosing the wrong color can just ruin your home décor. But use correctly velvet can add a very elegant look to your home décor.

Image credit: LK Griffin Photography

Add shine to your home brass. Brass fits well with all kinds of decor styles. It has a warm hue,  it can give a vintage retro look and also be modern. Brass looks beautiful combined with the colors that are current in furniture and in decor, from petrol and dark blues to kale and forest green, it also goes well with popular materials such as marble and terrazzo.
Brass is an ideal material to add the finishing touch to almost any interior. So whether your interior is Scandinavian, modern or boho feel free to add brass.  

Image via digsanddigs.com
Image via The Merry Thought Shop

Image via The Merry Thought Shop
Image via Sanctum Handmade
3.Chic Glass

You don’t need to wear rose tinted glasses to see the world in color. Glass can be used to add subtle accents or the complete opposite…eye catching bright bold accents.
The everlasting beauty of glass is that it doesn’t go out of style. If you have vintage bottles hidden away, now is the time to use dust them off and add you’re your shelves. What I especially like is the new and innovative ways people are using glass as decorative accents pieces in their home.

Image via  Fashionstorm
Image via 99 Buddhas Pixie Greens
What I like about all three of the materials above is that they can be combined easily and effortlessly to create an elegant and unique look. One of the best ways to do this is to add one element as a focal point and build around it. So if you add a velvet sofa, use brass and glass as accents. You can add and remove as you please creating a home with personality and personal touch. 

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