One of the greatest challenges you face daily in your home is probably storage. "Where do all these go?, Where can I keep this ? How can I make this attractive yet pracical? We all have these thoughts running in our minds when ever we think of redecorating or rearranging things in our homes. Storange is a necessity and there a unlimited options that help you with storage issues in your home. So do you just run off and buy some boxes? Storage can be stylish too. Here are some simple insider tips that can help you when choosing storage solutions for your home that can actually bring together your home decor and create a stylish environment that your family and guests will love. 
1. Add Texture.  Different materials can be added together such as wood, natural jute, meta and glass to create layers and texture.
2.  Don't be afraid of Patterns. If you want to be a bit causcious pick something in a neutral shade that fits in with any scheme and keeps the look subtle and warm. Or your can do add touches of colorful patterns that really pop. Start small adding one of two pieces and build on it.
3. Make a Statement. One really stand out piece can transform a room completely and gives you a basis to work from. 
4. For The Love of Art. Absolutely anything can be a work of art. Even your storange solutions. A bit od creativity can transform areas in your homes that might otherwise be boring to striking little nooks. 

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