Jewelry Trends - Unique Hoop earrings

Every girl should have a pair of hoop earrings. These are a classic, elegant earring style that comes in a variety of designs and seems to suit every face shape. This year a bit of 90s revival sees the comeback hoop earrings in all sizes and textures. From large ones to make a statement to small ones for everyday elegance.

I love these extra large hoop earrings from HL collection.  They are simple and classic but big enough to make a statement. 
If traditional hoops are not for you these gold triangle hoops from TiffanyAnneStudios are perfect if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Triangle hoop earrings
These textured hoop earrings from Yifat Bareket are a bit pricey but do they make a statement. Made from flattened gold filled material folded on both sides.

Textured hoop earrings

These hammered hoop earrings from GoldstonesJewellery are made is copper. I especially like the slight oval shape and thickness at the bottom. Copper gives that rose gold touch that is so popular.

Rose gold hammered hoop earrings
The geometric and minimal hoop earrings from LaGeometrieJewels are made in solid brass and gold plated (0'5 microns) in 18K gold. Each earring is carefully cut and polished by hand in a little atelier in Paris. Light weight, simple yet elegant, this unique piece is sure to be conversation starter.

Geometric hoop earrings
These Signa Hoops by APSE adorn are in a unique minimal design.  They make enough of a statement to catch the eyes, but are simple enough to wear everyday. Hand made from brass, these circular earrings are given the the perfect geometric element of interest.

Minimal gold hoop earrings

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