3 Rules to Following Trends...

Trends come and go but style is for ever...When it come to fashion there is always a very small distance between trendy and tacky. The rules of fashion are ever changing - Is it ok to wear white in winter? Can you mix gold and silver accessories? But there are three things you should always try to adhere not just when following trends but fashion in general...

Three simple ideas, I hate saying rules because to be honest...fashion is ever changing. 
Each idea is simple and easy enough to incorporate into your life and wardrobe, without taking away from your personal style. "Because, when it comes down to it, you should always feel like you in what you wear."

1. What you wear should always be appropriate for the occasion.
While dress codes tend be flexible and loosely interpreted always remember to wear something appropriate for the occasion. You can wear ripped jeans to a wedding but it won't be appropriate. Also when you feel under dressed or over dressed, it tends to make you feel a tad bit uncomfortable...there is nothing that takes away from looking stylish and elegant ( in anything you wear) that looking uncomfortable. 

Image via thestyleograph.com
Image via thestyleograph.com

2. Your clothes should always be comfortable.
This comes to my second point, your clothes should always be comfortable. When you are comfortable in your clothes your confidence increases as there is nothing more attractive that someone who is confident and comfortable. I once wore a pair of heals for a wedding that were totally uncomfortable, By the time the night wore on I felt uncomfortable and unattractive andI looked like I was walking on stilts and couldn't wait to get out of there and out of them. 
Image via thestyleograph.com

3. Don't try to be too trendy.
When it comes to following trends, always remember less is more. Adding the pieces that work best with your personal style is key to nailing a trend successfully. And always try to limit it to one max two trends so that you still remain stylish. 
Image via thestylograph.com

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