How to Make a Choker Necklace

Choker are back and have take a big leap from elastic plastic that was 'supposedly so cool back in the 90s. The ones in fashion now are a major step up. But some of the simpler designs can cost from US$40 can be made at home for much much cheaper. 
Here are  my 3 most favorite Choker Tutorials
1)  DIY Velvet Choker by  A PAIR AND A SPARE DIY.

2) Velvet Chain Choker Necklace by
3) Wrap velvet choker by

Friday Finds on Etsy - Moon and Stars

This week I am obsessing over  moon and stars and here are five of my favorite things on Etsy along that theme

Phases of the moon mug by CognitiveSurplus
1) Are you a night own whose boredom wanes as the moon rises? Fill this Lunar phase mug with the hot beverage of your choice and marvel at the crescent moon as it slips below the horizon. 

Moon Phases women's long sleeve t shirt by MerlynsDream
2) Love this hand printed long sleeve women's t shirt with the different moon phases and stars hand stenciled with textile ink. This flattering shirt can be worn on or off the shoulder. 

Moon and Stars layered necklaces from Twixt Designs

3)I love dainty jewelry and these necklaces from Twixt Designs are truly lovely. Dainty with a
with a touch of sparkle they are perfectly versatile for any occasion. 

Love you to the Moon Earring lollipop hanger by SuzyQDesignltd
4) Wondering what these are? These are Earring Hangers which come with adorable mismatched moon and star earrings! They are perfect for when you want to give a gift that's really out of the ordinary.

Space Scarf, Night Scarf from LaineyDesigns
5) Space Scarf featuring  a pretty design of the night sky in purple, custom printed made from 100% silk habotai fabric that islight and airy and the print can be seen through both sides of the scarf.  

These five finds make a great gift for anyone who is fascinated with astronomy or is a night owl o r just loves the moon and the stars likes me.