A Little Victorian Inspiration

I have been reading quite a few blogs lately via Blogging Your Way, a blogging course I did last year. One blog post that really me inspired today was from 'The Little Victorian' . I generally blog about what I love ...my posts almost always start with  'I love'...( I have been trying to do less of this lately but believe me the temptation is great.) But I tend to feel quite conscious sometimes that I have no professional qualifications to be blogging about home decor. I share and blog from what inspires me and those around me.It was really great for me to meet someone who has not been to a 'school for design ' and yet whose blog managed to inspire me. I love a quote she shared by Albert Hadley " When a person has flair, a grounding in the principle of design, self-discipline, that person has the potential of being an outstanding designer".
Hopefully I have a reasonable amount of flair, enough to inspire you to make your house into comfortable and beautiful home brimming with personality that is unique to you and your family.  I love Christina's easy writing style and look forward to her future posts on the priciples of design.
I also wanted this opportunity to introduce a friend who does have a lot of flair and who loves  home decor and interiors as much as me.Watch out for posts signed off with the Letter B. My friend Blessie has decided to help me update my blog and share some of her ideas and inspiration. Really glad to have her help. With baby and the store, I have hands full at the moment and really appreciate her help as I didn't want neglect my blog. She is a great Blessing .

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