Weekend Getaway - A fishy place to stay

Last week my family and I visited the Seaside resort of Malu Malu in Pasikuda ( this is a 4-5 hour journey from Colombo, you basically travel straight across the country) .  For many years  Pasikuda has not been safe to visit due to the civil war in my small island nation . But now the area is being opened for tourists and developed very quickly. Pasikudah beach is one of the safest and cleanest beaches for sea bathing in the east coast and is slowly gaining the popularity that has been reserved for Arugam Bay. 

We arrived close to lunch time and received a glimpse of the warm hospitality we were going to receive for the next few days. I loved the delicious tamarind sorbet that was served, it immediately refreshed us as we arrived during the hottest part of the day...and the pretty garlands that were given even to the tiniest of us.

The concept of the whole resort is built around the idea of traditional Sri Lankan fishing village, or “Waadiya” as it is colloquially termed, the simple eco friendly architecture is inspired by the wooden Clad dwellings of a typical fisherman’s hut. The name of the resort  Malu, Malu means fish, fish, this is the traditional shout of the  local fisherman selling their fish. The rooms and chalets seamlessly blend with the surrounding environment each with its cadjan roof elegantly highlights the Sri Lankan culture; modern amenities are subtlety introduced, tastefully combining the old with the new.

The rooms were lovely...and looked like the pictures below for about two minutes before my little 'destructo' had her way in them. The bathroom was probably my favorite part , cement finish, white and gray color scheme, shower area and jacuzzi and very spacious .The rooms are perfect for ' families as they have 'attic' rooms with two or three beds...it is great if you have children. The rooms for my active little 1 year old were not as child friendly as I would have wished. Small gates on  all the steps would have prevented an endless amount of stress.

 The beach is a stones throw away and deliciously clean, smooth soft sand under your feet...no touts bothering you , I hope this doesn't change as the area get more touristy.

The food is slightly hot ( haha if you are eating rice and curry prepare for the smoke to come out of your ears ... even well seasoned stomachs were suffering) but there is a wide variety of western and eastern dishes to choose from. 

So we mostly ate and hung out ...a beautiful beach, food ,family... what more could I have asked for .
A lovely place and a lovely weekend getaway.

 p.s The reason you don't see any pictures of me is because I was suffering from a allergic reaction to something I ate before I went to Pasikudah so I spent a lot of time that weekend itching ,  I was a bit swelled up :)

Pasikudah :
Pros: great place
friendly staff
 good service
Cons: They need to make it a bit more child friendly.
-have utensils for children ( you might have to take plate etc for you infant)

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Jenni (Museum Diary) said...

That looks like a gorgeous place to stay, shame they weren't more kid friendly. Lovely photographs though.
Best wishes, Jenni (from BYW)