Vignette - A brief evocative description

Don't you love little areas in your home that scream 'you'. Me too. Creating these little spaces or vignette are fun and they add high visual impact with minimal effort.These little vignettes are one of the design world's go-to tricks that lends  drama to a drab corner .

Creating these spaces are one of those things that’s easier to do than explain how. Sometimes you just need to experiment till you get it right.  Some design rules to follow would be vary the height of your grouping and using an uneven number of items. Some items that are usually great to include would be—a nice tray, a glass vase or container, a decorative box, books, etc.  But it is the quirky, unexpected items that give vignettes their personality. Usually when you want to create one, its hard to go out and buy a group of accessories to make the perfect vignette.  Instead, you need to collect little pieces over time that catch your eyes or speak to you.  If you travel abroad and see a lovely statue or a bowl but have no use for it it might be that unusual piece and completes a collection. It ultimately comes down to how you put everything together, and including pieces that have special meaning to you makes it even better. 

Here is some inspiration...

via Lonny Mag
via Knight Moves

via April and May

via House and Hold

via Cynthia Smiley
via design*sponge
via design*sponge

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