New Collection: Sea Themed Pillows

 "…whatever we lose (like a you or a me); it's always ourselves we find in the sea."
—e.e. cummings

Living in the small island nation of Sri Lanka , sea is never too far away from my a child I loved the ocean as it made me feel free and alive , now as a grown woman I don't get to visit the beach as often as I can but I still know when I am far away from it. I remember coming back from a trip abroad after volunteering with the Fredskorpset  ( Norwegian peace core) for a year ,when I saw the ocean as my flight neared my little country...I immediately felt my soul settle and I knew I was home. The inspiration for this range of coastal pillow comes from my love of the ocean and wanting to design something for my own home that reminded me of the sea.  If you love the beach and coastal decor,  I hope you love our new range of coastal / nautical inspired pillows. Featuring corals, sand dollars, sea shells and other denizens of the sea. The ocean themed pillows were designed by my mother and I and handmade by our team. The fabric we used for these pillows are mainly hand loom cotton ( cotton fabric that is hand woven on the loom ) and linen. Mainly in hues of aqua blue, orange, red and cobalt on white, off white and blue pillow covers , these pillows embody the “Beach-Chic” look and lifestyle that is inspired by the sea. I hope they invoke  and encourage that feeling of  relaxing with friends, beautiful sunsets and freshness of turquoise blue ocean.  The  designs are crisp and classic, combining a captivating mix of  elements from the quirky to the elegant so that we have something for every taste and style .  Here is the collection in my own home...
and you can buy them from our STORE.

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