Giveaway Winners for August

Thank you all so much for participating in our Giveaway. We had over 200 entries ( 209 to be exact) . So we decided to have three winners. All winners were chosen at random . All your names were downloaded to a excel sheet and three winners were chosen at random using RANDOM.ORG.

The Winners are
Karen Mitchell McLaughlin from Canada
Kylie Carlson from USA
Nadeesha Rathnayake from Sri Lanka

They will be informed by email that they have won. Thank you all so much participating and thank you more for sharing.

Our next giveaway is in October... if you have any ideas of what it should be hop over to my Facebook page and let us know...we are taking a poll.

For more information on how the winners chosen please visit

I will be updating more on how the custom made monogram pillows for these winners look.

Here are some custom made monogram pillows we have done for customers recently....

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