Inspiring Interiors - Home of Architect Durval Dias Junior

This beautiful modern home of Architect Durval Dias Junior is located in Mallorca, Spain.The architect found this building in a ruin and transformed it into this lovely home. Originally, an oil mill that dating back to the 1700  with time it became an abandoned structure.The architect used a cut cement finish to make the home look modern in contrast to the bare brick walls that reflect the past history of the building. The interior d├ęcor is a combination of modern pieces with clean and simple design and vintage items with industrial touches. The colors chosen for the interior are simple and include tones of white, black and earth colors. The house is a perfect example of a mixture between modern and traditional elements. read more here.


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Justin said...

I really like this home. The modern home decor suits it well. I've seen some of this stuff at World to Home. Thanks for the post!