Celebrity Homes - Elizabeth Taylor

Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor Bell Air home is filled with soft pastel colors, Impressionist paintings, personal photographs and her children's craft and art work.

Elizabeth Taylor redecorated the house in 2010 with interior designer Waldo Fernandez.

 The painting in the living room include a large landscape by Camille Pissarro and,a smaller one by Vincent van Gogh.
 I love the Moroccan inspired Kaftan and beautiful vintage images.

 One of my favorite photographs, her dressing table.
The framed picture of the deer is a painting by her daughter when she was a teenager.
 "Originally there were four guest rooms, including one upstairs, where I slept. I came to visit once, and it had been turned into a closet! More recently, as the family has grown, we all squished into the house on holidays. I slept on a sofa in the living room a few times. Now we no longer have that gathering space. It was a family house, our house—she made that very clear. My grandmother’s loss is felt deeply. She was the glue that held us together. " Wilding

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