Wintertime Blues from Design Shuffle

 Bright blue is the color of the sky on a cloudless summer’s day. Why not bring some of that brilliant and inviting color into your home for a cheerful living year round? The following rooms do just that. From rich navies to the palest hues, these blue spaces are comfy, cozy and delightful for wintertime or any time.
Blue Interiors
Ikat prints and a zebra rug give this blue space an edgy look. Blue walls and a dark floor make the space cozy.
Blue Interiors Varying shades of blue velvet on a comfy sofa and chair invite guests and family to linger for conversation or reading. Blue Interiors
Another tufted velvet sofa, this time in peacock blue, just calls for one to snuggle up with a hot cup of tea or coffee.
Blue Interiors
Navy walls and deeply hued furnishings give this space a glamorous feel. A zebra rug offers a lovely contrast.
Blue Interiors
The palest blues give a serene and relaxing feel to this bedroom design. Dark navy floors anchor the space as does the black framed bed.
Blue Interiors
A turquoise tufted bed is fun and unexpected. The luxurious bed linens offer comfy sleep or relaxation. The color is carried through the space and onto the windows—so beautiful. Blue Interiors
A rich and decadent dining experience can be had in this blue dining room. The varying shades of blue give the room a moody feel. Blue Interiors

Looking for blue bathroom ideas? Here's one with a bit of global style. This cheerful blue and white bathroom offers a luxurious bathing and grooming experience. The Moroccan cabinets give the space an exotic look. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 Want more blue inspiration? Head on over to Design Shuffle where you'll find gorgeous interior designs from San Francisco interior designers, Boston interior designers and many more!

It my pleasure to feature this Guest post by Joanna, a writer from Design Shuffle, an online portal for interior designers and design enthusiasts.Thank you Joanna for letting me sharing some of those interior designs and gorgeous images  with us.


Maya Lee said...

Nice room themes. Blue makes a room relaxing.


Linda said...

Just gorgeous and soothing. Thank you for sharing.