Elle decor trend alert : Polka dots

Yoyoi Kusama's Sculptures
I recently ran a poll on my face book profile asking my friends what they thought of Elle Decors recent trend alert - Polka dots.“We’re seeing spots everywhere – from the runway to the home,” Elle D├ęcor  .  I got some great feed back that was just too good to waste.

"Polka dots have personality, from the quiet grace of dotted swiss lace, to the wild punch of the 60's patterns. Polka dots make a statement. And as always, the best examples can be found in nature, especially in polka dotted feathers! And like the natural forms, polka dots look best when used with restraint. Yoyoi Kusama's art work took polka dots to new levels! And who doesn't love a lady bug - lol! " Cathleen Davidson -
Color Consultant & Interior Designer

"Embroidered on a sheer linen curtain or as subtle and refined Swiss dotted cotton in crisp white; simple, timeless and classic..." Susan North - Senior Vice President, Creative Director at F. Schumacher & Co.

"They signify "repeat, repeat" to me and so I like the organized order of polka dots...actually I like them over sized as Country Swedish offers in charcoal gray or pink on cotton...great combo and great statement. Polka dots are too classic to ignore!", Sandra Oster - Decorator Tag Sale

"Rather than polka dots, I prefer to see dots of sparkle here or there on a pillow, a linear headboard detail, the leading edge of a drapery articulated through buttons, a nail head detail, or some other design element. Of course, they are still adorable in a children's bedroom!", Cathleen Prisco Gouveia -Principal Interior Designer at Cathleen Gouveia Design

"They are lovely when used sparingly as a perfect touch of whimsy.", Amy Gutierrez -Principal at Sanctuaries Interior Design, LLC

"They are lovely when used as an accent only...in an appropriate setting.", Irene Turner - Owner at Irene Turner at Home

Some gorgeous images to inspire you :

Polka dot bedding from Henny Cirkel found via Country Living
Add polka dots to your table decor

Mix of patterns from polka dots to checks found via The Design File
The polka-dot pattern on the plates and cups adds a dash of personality a formal dining setting found via BHG.com
Vintage chair that is upholstered in polka dot fabric that manages to look subtle.


2justByou said...

Ooooohh....I like polka dots!

nangatesdesigns said...

I love polka dots and use them all the time with my handbags/accessories. Great post!

Crystal said...

polka dots are nice, but can be over done if too many are used at once. Makes me feel a bit dizzy!

Unknown said...

I love polka dots too!! In fact I've got some super fun polka dot fabric that I've been meaning to make sundresses out of. You have inspired me!!!

Romantic.Treasures said...

Lovely post. Great pictures!

ElfRenee said...

Great article! I love those flower sculptures!

The Royal Family 2 said...

I love those, I wish I lived in that bedroom from country living!


Unknown said...

I like polka dots used with restraint. Luv the bedroom photo with the white and gold duvet.

Linda B said...

My wedding dress was a swiss polka dot white dress ages ago.

I like them.

BijiBijoux said...

Lovely home decor with polka dots!
Nice photos

Inessa/Prittyfy said...

Awww...Love polka dots. I hope Hogans gets to read your blog. LOL!

theMayflower said...

love it! it really livens up a room!

Sewinggranny - Mona said...

Neat pictures but not much for polka dots.

Elizabeth said...

I love the blue comforter that has the swirly polka dots!!

Unknown said...

Oh polka dots can be so fun, they can be mod.... oh I LOVE THEM>

Sea Flower Studios said...

Great feedback on polka dots!

Sea Flower Studios said...

Great feedback on polka dots!

home decorating ideas said...

I love polka dots too!! In fact I've got some super fun polka dot fabric that I've been meaning to make sundresses out of. You have inspired me!!!