Weird and Wonderful Helga's folly - truly unique in decor and style

'Decoration is madness' says Helga de Silva Blow Perera  from Helga Folly in Kandy , Sri Lanka. Hidden away in the Hill Country this strange and wonderful place was once her private home and is now a Hotel ...well Helga refers to it as a anti-hotel. Helga's folly takes on its owners personality- bold and eccentric. The large, sprawling building painted in crimson red stands out like a beacon on the sprawling hillside . The inside is a explosion on the senses. Brightly painted figurines, mural, dripping candle-bras, rich hues, gorgeous silk cushion covers every surface. Each room has it's own style of decor and is something to discover. But Helga's folly is not for everyone  the statues and wax candle bras makes it a bit eerie, it is not for a place for fainthearted. Love it or hate it, it is truly unique place.

Images by Morten Hvaal

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Helga's folly - a crimson beacon on a quiet hill.
Lounge are decorated in vibrant hues.
Pure opulence.

Private dining area lit by candles
Family portraits and mirrors adorn the walls.
Every one of the 40 rooms has it own distinctive decor.

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Rebecca D. Dillon said...

Wow. These spaces are so amazing!