Animal print decorative throw pillows - from Comfy Heaven

by Marisa Sellayah
The latest  trend in Home Décor are Animal Prints. If you are looking for that one signature piece that will bring out the pizzazz to an otherwise ordinary room, then this is it. It’s in, it’s hot and it’s all beastly snazzy!
A hot tip to keep in mind when decorating with Animal Prints is, that, less is more. Keeping it at a minimum, brings out the urban chic and leaves out the urban jungle.
An ideal start to your decorative foray into the ‘animal kingdom’ are throw pillows. They add just the right amount of animalism to that sophistication of yours. An irresistible combination!
Check out the latest hot animal prints at
Here is a peek of some of our range :
plum purple animal zebra print cushion cover throw pillow
Plum/Purple animal print  throw pillow that can be customized into sizes up 26 inches .

We have a range of zepra and leopard prints in black and white and brown that can used as toss pillow and accent cushions.
yellow throw pillow animal zebra print cushion cover
This is by far the most unique - yellow zebra throw pillow. Starting at US$21.99 for a 18 inch cushion cover.
All items can also be brought at our Etsy shop.

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