Peacock Inspiration - Interior Home Decor A timeless trend

Peacock inspired home decor is popping up all over with luxurious colors and beautiful designs. From bedding , cushion covers, wall decals to beautiful accent pieces.

Be inspired by luxurious emeralds, rich teals and velvety blacks, all the colors found in peacock feathers. Use it on a few throw pillows, as an iridescent duvet cover or jewel toned accessory help update the look of your room.

 Peacock insprired decorative throw pillows from Comfy

You can even add glamor to your table decor with peacock inspired dinnerware.

Images :
bedding & Pillow
cushion covers
chair and table decor :
wall decal :
Peacock plate:
peacock fireplace via
Matthew Williamson’s Peacock Dark rug for the Rug Company via


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