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Comfy Heaven Home Furnishing was just featured on the . A big thank you to writer Bobbie Leigh for all the time and effort he took to write this .

Unquestionably Unique- Squint

Love these sofas from Squint Limited !

However I can't quite see them in my home  :) , I thought I would post this just for eye candy .

Sex in the City 2 - get the look!

Carrie and Bigs Living room!



Create this look with Comfy Heaven Cushion Covers!

blue striped silk cushion cover

Our striped blue cushion cover  -US$22.99

Silk pintuck cushion cover - made with pure silk fabric -US$25.50

The orginal cushion cover is The bright floral Birdie Blossom Cushion by Paul Smith for the Rug Company     check out our Humming bird cushion cover  for US$21.59


Comfy Heaven Featured on Etsy Treasury

urgan elegance
Our floral chrysanthemum pillow was featured in this beautiful treasury recently on by Tonya Utkina . Check out her lovely blog here. And some of her elegant jewellry at her Etsy shop - Tonya Utkina.

New range of Jewel Napkin Rings

Our new range of Jewel Napkin rings perfects for events and weddings , just the perfect item to add a touch of glamour to your table setting. All priced at $4.00 a piece for a set of 6. We give lower rates for Weddings ( orders of 25 pcs or more) *.

jewel napkin rings

jewel napkin rings

*Offer valid till stocks last

From Comfy Heaven Home Furnishings!

Black and White at Comfy Heaven Home Furnishings

Black and white linen pillows
black linen and white floral pillows
Black and white Ribbon Pillows
ribbon pillow
Black and white striped pillows
striped silk pillows
Black and white Alphabet Pillows
letter pillowand pillow

alphabet pillow

Black and white table decor
black and white check place mat black and white checked placemat
black and white table runner
All these and much mucn more at Comfy Heaven Home Furnishings.
(if you don't see what your looking for on the website please email us. Remember we custom make items too. )

Decorating with Black and White

"Black has amazing power to solidify a color scheme, pull together disparate pieces of furniture, and give your home a touch of Hollywood glam." BHG

"Put black and white against any color for a look that's fresh and sophisticated. "BHG

Black and white continues to have a strong presence in 2010. This season you'll see lots of graphic, bold black and white patterns available and combined with a single bright accent color like hot pink or bright yellow. While these rooms look fabulous and daring in magazines, I've never met a client bold enough to use this combo in even one room. But I am of the opinion that every room is better with a touch of black - a single piece of furniture, some accessories or picture frames. Every color sings it's best song against black. your decorating hotline

bold decor in black and white

There's a rule in decorating that says that "every room can use a touch of black." You might think this is strange if you have a room of pastels or jewel tones. But think a minute. Using the color black adds a focal point of color that grounds, anchors, and adds a sophisticated look to a room. Black in accessories, light fixtures, trims, paint, or in one bold piece of furniture will help to catch the eye and sharpen any decorating scheme. It will serve as an outline that sets off specific areas or objects. Black by itself is striking! But to get real drama and spark, pair black with

How do we decorate with black and white?

From BHG

Be sure to balance large, medium, and small scale patterns with a few touches of plain black and white fabrics.

black and white home decor

If fear of overwhelming your decor has kept you from painting your room a bright color, add strong black silhouettes and accessories for a mod-yet-sophisticated look.

black and white home decor

Pink and black is the ultimate glamorous color combo.

black white and pink

Red, white, and black: considered the most romantic color palette, this one is an almost fail-safe scheme.

decorate black white red


Crisp white bed linens are perfect for the bedroom. Add a black and white striped bed skirt, pillows, and a comfortable black chair. For seasonal changes, have a variety of pillows in different colors on hand. Pink, yellow, or soft green works great for summer, while red, hunter green, or even shimmering gold or silver looks great for winter.

When shopping for fabrics, keep an eye out for colorful prints or plaids with touches of black. Then add more black to the room with lamps, table trims, frames and mats, pillows, and door and hardware.


1 A black and white themed room always has more impact when you add in a third accent colour. My top picks: aqua, coral, kelly green or canary yellow.

decorate with black and white

2 If you want to jazz up your bedroom with black and white, add it to the pillow shams or the wall behind the headboard -- a high-contrast scheme like black and white is busy and not conducive to sleep, so it's best to use it on surfaces that you don't see while you're trying to fall asleep.

3 When it comes to accessories, buy pieces that are all white and/or all black, rather than covered with a black-and-white pattern. (The exception: allow yourself two black-and-white patterned cushions.) That way you can choose to mix them, or switch out your displays for all white items sometimes and all black items other times -- which gives you three different looks. Also, when you tire of the black and white theme -- and trust me, you will -- the white items will still be fabulous and blend with any new scheme.

Check out how we do black and white with cushion covers, table runners, throws, placemats at Comfy Heaven Home Furnishings.

Comfy Heaven Home Furnishings Web Site launched !

The Comfy Heaven Home Furnishings website has finally been launched ! Please take a look and let me know what you think. The setup of the site is pretty simple and straight forward. I have tried to make it as intuitive as possible, you can shop through item, price and colour, more options will be added soon.  You can order off the site or use the contact form to send us custom orders. You can even customize our designs to suit your needs. We offer shipping world wide and you have to only pay shipping for your first item.
There is also a nifty little show/hide panel , when you pick a cushion covers or item from the shop is automatically goes into this panel. When you place it on 'show' you can mix and match your furnishings on it quite easily.
website 2website 03
The site was designed by the lovely folks at , who offered me just the best service and great imput.
I am updating it with new products almost everyday so please keeping coming back. Currently I am offering 20% discount if you buy more than one item and you pay shipping only for your first item.
Would love you opinions and feedback.