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When I first thought of Comfyheaven , I went shopping on the internet and hundreds and hundred so beautiful cushions , at home in Colombo :). I noticed that a lot of the products in the market were mass produced and cheap quality items. At first glance the riot of colors and glitter on them made them look lovely but open up a cushion cover and the finish inside made me cringe. The comfort factor was also lacking. You need to be able to lie down on cushions and pillows...at least rest your arm on them without worrying about the color getting on your hands, the embellishments scratching you skin etc they should also feel comfortable to touch.
As the idea of Comfyheaven was being born my mum and started coming up
with ways we can improve quality.
Invisible zips: They
were neater than normal zip , put on top or on side they looked much better too.
Inner lining: Depending on the fabric we give inner lining which gives the cushion a better shape.
Inner Over lock: Makes the product long lasting and gives it a professional finish

All of our pillows are made for you individually.They are generally custom made so if you cant find a certain color or need a certain size or even if you want to match another cushion we can accommodate you.
We had a great time developing this product line for you. We hope you enjoy our efforts. Have fun shopping!
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