Making your house a home with pillows.

Making your house a home with pillows.

Personally I love pillows and cushions. My bed has more pillows than there is room for me. Beautiful pillows can enhance your home. By just changing the colors and fabric of your cushions , you can change the whole look of your home. If you want comfort : neutrals and cottons and if you want luxury and elegance silks but these are just two of the simplest ways you can change the look of your home using pillows. Cushions are the one of the most important home accessories and give a very strong decorative impact with a minimum of effort and cost. Cushions can not only change the mood of your home, but can also enhance seasonal changes.

Cushions add warmth and coziness to a home. Guests feel welcome at once when they sit down on a sofa full of cushions.

By adding even one cushion sometimes you can enhance a piece of furniture in your home might otherwise just vanish into the back ground.

By using cushions you can add color, depth and elegance to your home.

(Images from Neiman Marcus)

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