Who We are

Comfyheaven at present is made up of a few special people.

The most important are :

Dilhani, Age 67, Widow, Supports brother with Comfyheaven income- Runs her owns small cottage industry, She does sewing and Embroidery

Soma, Age 62,Widow, Supports herself with Comfyheaven income- Does Embroidery

Nishanthi, Age 32, Single mother with two children,Sole Breadwinner . She does Embroidery.

Sandya, Age 40, Husband Cannot Work, Sole Breadwinner . She does Embroidery.

Shirani, Age 36, Works for as a means of supplementing her income

There is also
Me : Anita Pillai - Designing , Marketing
My Mother - Charmaly- Designing , Marketing

I hope I will be able to get some images of these women soon and put it up.

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