Comfyheaven Soft Furnishings : Vision

I worked in television making value based documentaries for about five years.I left a few years ago and joined my mother in the garment trade. I still wanted to merge what I was doing before with  what I was doing now. I wanted to do something different to the mass produced items being done in these factories. My mum and I saw the quality if soft furnishings in the market and knew with our knowledge combined we could do better . We could make beautiful luxury home decor items that everyone could afford. At the same time we saw that this was a oppertunity for women in low income households to earn an income to support themselves.

Comfy heaven Home decor was born. It has been my dream to start this project where I have the opportunity not only to create but also to help make people lives better. So that now I have the best of both worlds.

Comfyheaven Home decor helps give single mothers, widows and young women the opportunity to earn an income. We ( my mother and I ) do the designing and marketing and provide them with raw materials. They can work from home or come to ours and use our machines . We pay them a fair wage for this work.

These women have to freedom to work from their homes at their own pace.They are also exposed to international trends, ideas and expertise and so are able to expand their abilities.
As these women don’t have computer or are not even aware of the opportunities the internet can offer. We try to sell their products on sites like ETSY and DAWANDA that have opening for hand made items.We also recently launched our site where people can buy our products.

At present we have 4 women who work with us. As we grow we hope to employ more.

So what is our vision . It is two fold
1) To create beautiful home decor items that everyone can afford.
2) To give women the ability to work with dignity.

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