Recomended Reading - Feather and Nest Style

 Feather & Nest Style is Kristen Meckem and Jamie Parker who started Feather & Nest almost three years ago in Bend, Oregon. Their beautiful blog is full of images that will inspire you for your own home decor project or just give you that warm tingly feeling you get when you come across something lovely. Here is a sneak peak of their blog.

 Delicious don't you think?

Colors: Apple, mint and emerald in your home

Mint , apple green and emerald are in natures palette and add a fresh vibe when used in your home. Here are some great ideas on how to incorporate it into your home.

Apple green and olive green throw pillow covers mix with tangerine and rust orange really highlight the white sofa.
This lovely dining area where green flows from the garden outside and into the home .
This apple green beaded board adds such personality to this room.
Lovely apple green walls , mint green pillow add a country vibe to this room.
Just a light touch of green in this modern home to make it interesting.
Emerald green curtains add a softness to this room.
All image via BHG.

DIY for Less - Chrysanthemum Mirror

I love this Chrysanthemum mirror but it costs over $300.

If you have the patience and time I came across this great DIY idea of making a Chrysanthemum mirror but with plastic spoons from Addicted2Decorating.

I would use silver or gold plaint to make it look more the first image.

Gorgeous Organic Modern Interiors

Found Via Apartment Theraphy

Moroccan inspired throw pillows and decor

I love Moroccan interior design with it luxurious colors and materials. Moroccan decor makes lavish use of natural bright colors to create a rich tapestry that is captivating. Blue representing the ocean and gold symbolic of the dessert are the most common shades that are combined with yellow, green, orange and purple.
image via asianinspiredhomedecor

There are simple ways your can incorporate  a Moroccan feel to your home.

Luxury fabric draped over walls ,beds chairs and sofas to give your home tent like feel that captures the middle eastern influence that is part of Moroccan design.

image via interiordesignfiles

Extravagant tiling is part, while this is sometimes expensive , this same effect can be achieved by using stencils or decals.
Stencil from CuttingEdgeStencils on Etsy
Light in the form of lamps , lanterns and scones is a big part of Moroccan design.

Lanterns and tea light from LITdecor on Etsy
Moroccan furnishings and home accessories are know for the intricate and ornate work .
Typically hand embroidered  poufs and throw pillow in exotic fabrics exude Moroccan luxury and comfort.
Leather Poufs from Maison Marrakech on Etsy
Turquoise blue Moroccan inspired pillow from Comfy Heaven Pillows

Dark fuchsia pink pillow from Comfy Heaven Pillows

Celebrity Homes - Elizabeth Taylor

Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor Bell Air home is filled with soft pastel colors, Impressionist paintings, personal photographs and her children's craft and art work.

Elizabeth Taylor redecorated the house in 2010 with interior designer Waldo Fernandez.

 The painting in the living room include a large landscape by Camille Pissarro and,a smaller one by Vincent van Gogh.
 I love the Moroccan inspired Kaftan and beautiful vintage images.

 One of my favorite photographs, her dressing table.
The framed picture of the deer is a painting by her daughter when she was a teenager.
 "Originally there were four guest rooms, including one upstairs, where I slept. I came to visit once, and it had been turned into a closet! More recently, as the family has grown, we all squished into the house on holidays. I slept on a sofa in the living room a few times. Now we no longer have that gathering space. It was a family house, our house—she made that very clear. My grandmother’s loss is felt deeply. She was the glue that held us together. " Wilding

Read more here : Architectural Digest

Inspiring Interiors - Home of Architect Durval Dias Junior

This beautiful modern home of Architect Durval Dias Junior is located in Mallorca, Spain.The architect found this building in a ruin and transformed it into this lovely home. Originally, an oil mill that dating back to the 1700  with time it became an abandoned structure.The architect used a cut cement finish to make the home look modern in contrast to the bare brick walls that reflect the past history of the building. The interior d├ęcor is a combination of modern pieces with clean and simple design and vintage items with industrial touches. The colors chosen for the interior are simple and include tones of white, black and earth colors. The house is a perfect example of a mixture between modern and traditional elements. read more here.


Showing your personality in your home

One of the greatest challenges you will face when decorating your home is incorporating your personality and the personality of your family. This not only adds warmth but also makes your home unique . 

Incorporate your family's hobbies into your home decor. If your family loves music, strategically place musical instruments as part of your home decor. Use posters, trendy iPod speakers etc to show off  your musical tastes.  If your husband loves fishing - display his rods and reals attractively in a room. If your child love to read dedicate a whole wall on their room for their books.

 Collect memorabilia from your travels and display it around the home or dedicate a whole wall or section to it.

Cushions Covers
Use scatter cushions and throw pillows to show your personality. If your love to read and love playing scrabble can get pillow covers with letters, pillows shaped like scrabble tiles . If you love the sea , birds etc get cushions and throws in that particular theme.

Favorite Colors
Get your children to pick their favorite colors and use them to decorate their rooms. If the color is too bold , first pick a neutral color  and add the favorite toys or accessories featuring this color.

Flea Market Finds
Flea markets and antique fairs are great places to find  unique accessories that will add a lot of personality to your home decor.  Try and ask the antique dealers or flea market seller the history of the item you are buying - this makes these items even more interesting especially when you tell these stories to your family and guests.

Monogram letter pillows- Kathleen's home

One of our customers recently posted some lovely pictures of her home on her blog - Carrie Bradshaw Lied. These images of her home featured our monogram letter pillows. I love the way she uses off white monogram pillow with dark brown lettering on the taupe sofa and the single letter pillow on the chair. check out more here.


Choosing colors for your Home

When decorating your home one of the most difficult things to do is choosing a color. The color scheme you choose is important in determining the overall mood and atmosphere of a particular room. Personally I stick to more neutral colors for my own home as they work with a variety of different styles and design elements .You can build upon a neutral color scheme so easily by finding decorations and accessories that feature bold pops of color that you can add to your room.But this doesn't have to be your only choice. Here is a great video to help you out.